WhyWe Exist

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We trust print media. No, we don’t believe everything we read, but we trust the powerful impact that print has when it reaches the hands of its audiences.

Print hails from the days when brick and mortar organisations were accountable for their published word and unlike so much information out in the world today, it isn’t instant. It’s curated with consideration, translating to credibility by association. Its physical tangibility also means its messages are more likely to connect with readers and be retained.

Vanguard Media Group’s collective of Print, Publishing, Visual and Distribution teams are dedicated to elevating brands with authenticity and tactility - through print.

WhatWe Do

With 50 years in print behind us, Vanguard Media Group understand and champion brands, producing brand collateral and messages with enhanced impact.

Across our multi-faceted organisation, we offer comprehensive print solutions, custom publishing services with curated storytelling, signage design and installation services, 3PL warehousing pick/pack, targeted mailing services, and distribution channels that reach your intended audience.

Our helpful, inspired and adaptive team of professionals offer consultation and support across your entire print strategy to help you make informed decisions, enhance your brand, and maximise your investment in print.


Our extensive in-house digital, offset, and screen-printing capabilities covers all your print needs — from flyers to labels and packaging, to custom folded maps and full magazine publications.


Allow Vanguard Publishing to bring your brand to life through bespoke publications that inspire and inform.


A powerhouse for creative designs and tailored solutions, Vanguard Visual specialises in signage with clients across Perth real estate, retail and hospitality.


Our helpful distribution team covers all bases from virtual and physical warehousing, 3PL pick pack services, mailing, tourism brochure display and street distribution to cafes and waiting rooms.


Vanguard Media Group is a collective of talented, experienced, and inspired individuals. Across our four divisions, our teams comprise diverse skillsets ranging from graphic designers, sales and marketing professionals, and experienced content writers to print technicians and production specialists, sign installers, and an adept distribution team.

We come equipped with the entire package, allowing us to execute more informed decisions and deliver greater value.


It will depend on your order type and the department you are after. The easiest way is to connect with us here or speak with your Vanguard representative who can help assist you in placing your order with us.

What is Offset? Offset printing is generally used for larger printing projects due to the set up costs involved. It works by transferring full colour (CMYK), Special Colours (PMS) and/or varnish inks from a plate to a rubber sheet, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or other surface.

On the other hand, you have digital printing. This method is great for most people who are looking for small quantities of printed material, or products where variable data; such as numbering, barcodes or addresses are needed. Digital printing uses a different method from offset, where the ink or toner is applied directly to the paper and does not use a printing plate or rubber sheet.

As a general rule, larger quantities are more suited to offset print and smaller quantities are suited to digital on demand print, however your Vanguard representative will help you determine if Offset or Digital on demand is best for your project.

Visit our friendly guide here to ensure your artwork is press ready! If you are unsure at any point our team is here to help ensure you get the best outcome possible for you or your client.

Print is our heritage. For nearly 50 years, Vanguard has been meticulously curating print and servicing its clients with care to become the print provider of choice in Western Australia. Today, Vanguard boasts a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Northbridge, offering a complete solution. We are capable of printing smaller projects such as business cards right through to high volume maps and brochures, visitor planners and destination guides. Constantly investing in the latest equipment, the best quality paper and inks as well as offering innovative solutions to tricky print projects, the Vanguard team works hard to produce the highest quality results every time, on time.

Simply visit the following link and let us know what you are after, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

We have committed our time and energy into developing our own online ordering portal. Our online services include CRM integration, quick editable templates and online warehousing. Our online system was built in house by our programming team and we have a customer service team available to make changes and adapt your online portal to suit your needs. Above all, our online systems are built to be helpful and facilitate transparent communication.

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