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WhyWe Exist

Helpful / Inspired / Adaptive

We exist to create and deliver inspired visual impact for your brand.

Signage is perhaps the oldest and most fundamental form of marketing communication, impacting consumer behaviours on both a conscious and unconscious level. Studies consistently reinforce our own anecdotal understanding that signage engages with consumers, reinforces branding and can deliver you immediate results.

Our diverse team of designers and production experts are here to offer considered consultation and deliver the signage solution with the greatest impact for your brand.

WhatWe Do

Vanguard Visual are the design and signage experts at Vanguard Media Group and can deliver on all things print.

There is no business more compatible with Perth real estate marketing than Vanguard Visual. Our entire team is based in WA and committed to offering both old school personalised service on and off premises, as well as highly sophisticated online ordering solutions to action marketing campaigns at speed, 24/7 with transparency and brand control.

We will oversee your entire order, from managing your online portal and curating your design right through to production and installation. Everything is completed in-house.

Our services are not limited to real estate. Check out our portfolio to see the wide range of projects we produce, across all industries.

Property Marketing

From sign boards to home open flyers and listing packs, we have you covered. Sophisticated, quick, reliable, and great quality.

Agency Marketing

We offer a full range of agent marketing collateral from letterbox drops to pointer signs and flags.

Indoor Signage

From windows and wallpaper to complete office fit-outs, our team will help deliver the look and feel you seek for your space.

Outdoor Signage

Capture the attention of the masses with outdoor signage solutions, from banner frames and ACM panels to fence mesh and billboards.

Promotional Signage

Get your message across with promotional signage that pops. We offer the full suite of solutions — banners, A-frames, corflutes and more.

Vehicle Signage

Capture attention while on the move with impactful vehicle signage and wraps.



We have committed to developing an array of the most helpful online ordering portals to suit your industry. What’s even better - our development team is in-house and our customer service team is available at your request to adapt your online portal to suit your requirements.



As a division of Vanguard Media Group, we have the strategic advantage of having the support of Vanguard Print, Vanguard Publishing and Vanguard Distribution – making us a powerhouse for all your print and content needs.

With nearly 50 years in print media, Vanguard Media Group is committed to providing the most helpful and adaptive print media service in Western Australia.

We have a comprehensive graphic design facility, equipped with both a design studio and pre-press department, so you can trust we have the capability and expertise to enhance and maintain your corporate identity the way it should be.


Indoor Signage

Indoor signage has a powerful effect on the look and feel of your space and the perception staff and customers have of your business. Allow Vanguard Visual to help you create a professional, engaging and stimulating presence at your place of work with well-considered indoor signage solutions.

  • Window Signage: Speak to the Vanguard Visual team about which window signage material, placement and design is right for you.
  • Wallpaper: Create some vibrancy and interest for your space with custom wallpaper. Our stand-out graphics are printed on premium vinyl or non-PVC materials with a matte, glossy or textured finishes.
  • Office Fit-Outs: Transform your office into an inspiring workplace your employees thrive in. Speak to our team about signage solutions that will bring your space to life.
  • Floor Graphics: Send a message or generate brand awareness in areas with high foot traffic with full digital colour, vinyl floor graphics. We can custom cut to any size and finish with anti-slip and anti-scuff laminate.

Outdoor Signage

Capture the attention of the masses with outdoor signage solutions tailored to your brand. Outdoor signage is crucial when it comes to being seen in the streetscape, on the roadside or high in the sky.
Vanguard Visual will help you select the right outdoor signage strategy to get you noticed and stand the test of time — rain, hail or shine.

  • Window Signage: Speak to the Vanguard Visual team about which window signage material, placement and design is right for you.
  • Banner Frames: If you’re looking for a convenient and portable yet durable outdoor solution, look to banner frames. With a sturdy metal frame and weather-resistant printed material, it’s ideal for large building signage and trade shows.
  • ACM Panels: ACM is a low-density polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium sheets, making it lightweight yet durable. It’s ideal for exterior low rise building signage.
  • Fence Mesh: Generate awareness for your project and your brand, while practically concealing and operations with fence mesh fitted along your project boundary.
  • Hoarding Signage: Take the opportunity to communicate your exciting project to the public with branded board fencing.
  • Wayfinding: Make finding your business easy for your customers with clear and striking visual cues - improving safety, compliance, well-being, and customer experience along the way.
  • Billboards: Make a big impact for your brand with a customised billboard printed on vinyl, with a premium finish made to last.

Real Estate Signage

If you’re working in real estate, you understand the importance of first impressions. Vanguard Visual are the market leaders for Perth real estate signage solutions, so speak to our team today about developing the right suite of signage assets for your business to amplify your brand.

  • For Sale or Lease Signboards: A level above the rest, our sign boards are crafted with a single composite aluminium panel for seamless installation and a protective graffiti-proof laminate.
  • •   All signs are mounted mirror flat with no joins or seams exposed
    •   Our signs are fully wrapped with optional coloured legs
    •   Receive SMS notification and email photo proof to confirm installation
    •   Expect fast installation times with dedicated in-house Vanguard installers
    •   We offer a huge range of sizes to suit any requirements — including 4X3, 6X2, 6X3, 6X4, 8X4 & 6X8
  • Wayfinding: Make your property easy to find with clear and striking visual cues that direct potential clients straight to your doorstep.

Promotional Signage

Ensure your brand pops with promotional signage that aligns with your marketing strategy. From permanent displays to temporary events and trade shows, promotional signage will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Speak to our team at Vanguard Visual to help offer consultation on what forms of signage will suit your needs and elevate your market identity.

  • A-Frames: If you’re looking for something simple and easy to transport to communicate a message and attract attention, A-Frames are the solution for you. With a variety of materials and sizes available, speak to our team about the best solution for you.
  • Pull-Up Banners: Stand out amongst the crowd and attract attention in areas with high foot traffic with engaging pull-up banners. Portable, lightweight, and versatile, they’re a valuable tool for any marketing arsenal when it comes to communicating brand messages and promotions.
  • Vinyl Banners: Vinyl banners are the go-to solution for practical, lightweight, portable and reusable signage. Ideal for making your presence known at events, we offer custom sizes and high-quality graphics.
  • Corflute Signs: Ideal for short-team marketing campaigns or pop-up signage, corflutes are lightweight, weather resistant and easily customised to your desired shape or size.
  • Teardrop Banners & Flags: Ideal for on-the-go advertising, streetside branding and promotional events; attract attention with UV-resistant, branded flags that move subtly in the wind if displayed outdoors.
  • Marquees: There’s no way to stand-out at an event quite like a branded marquee. Attract foot traffic to your base with custom designed marquee tops and walls that speak for you brand.

Branding & Design

Creative solutions are what make the team at Vanguard Visual tick. Our team of inspired designers have the creative genius and skillset to give your brand the head start it needs or the new lease of life it craves. We work with new or existing brands to develop a brand identity represents your business to a tee and speaks directly to your customers.


    New to market, Realth Property Group approached our team with blank canvas, bar an initial logo design, seeking creative input and expertise on a fresh brand identity to take to market.

    The Vanguard Visual team worked closely with Realth to ascertain what the brand stood for and what it wished to project through its visual identity — developing a brand mood board, series of colour palettes, font sets, logo variations and marketing assets using the new brand guidelines. Mocking up collections using the client’s proposed colour scheme and offering alternative options based on consultation, the team arrived at a visual identity that met the client’s objectives and was professional, polished and contemporary.


    Perth Property Partners are a City Beach based real estate agency who approached our team at Vanguard Visual for a brand refresh to reflect their coastal, modern and approachable vibe. They contacted us in need of a full brand update and additional marketing material created.

    We worked with the original logo and focused on the elements that needed improvement. From there we modernised fonts and merged the colours to create an ocean inspired gradient used across their brand, giving it a fresh and clean feel. We landed on a suite of assets reflecting the new branding — including stationary, marketing flyers, signage and online graphics.

TrustIn Print


Neuroscience studies tell us we prefer to read print media, that we comprehend more complex stories and better retain brand meaning.


The reciprocal nature of touch is what drives connections; you can’t touch without being touched back. When it comes to brands and print marketing, touch has the power to make decisions, change emotions and summon memories.


When reading print, 58% of people give it their sole focus, compare that with digital (35%) or radio (10%). From better retention to readability, paper offers more cognitive benefits than other forms of communication.


The Pew Research Center conducted a study in 2016 that proved that consumers, at least when it came to reading, preferred print.


It will depend on your order type and the department you are after. The easiest way is to connect with us here or speak with your Vanguard representative who can help assist you in placing your order with us.

What is Offset? Offset printing is generally used for larger printing projects due to the set up costs involved. It works by transferring full colour (CMYK), Special Colours (PMS) and/or varnish inks from a plate to a rubber sheet, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or other surface.

On the other hand, you have digital printing. This method is great for most people who are looking for small quantities of printed material, or products where variable data; such as numbering, barcodes or addresses are needed. Digital printing uses a different method from offset, where the ink or toner is applied directly to the paper and does not use a printing plate or rubber sheet.

As a general rule, larger quantities are more suited to offset print and smaller quantities are suited to digital on demand print, however your Vanguard representative will help you determine if Offset or Digital on demand is best for your project.

Visit our friendly guide here to ensure your artwork is press ready! If you are unsure at any point our team is here to help ensure you get the best outcome possible for you or your client.

Print is our heritage. For nearly 50 years, Vanguard has been meticulously curating print and servicing its clients with care to become the print provider of choice in Western Australia. Today, Vanguard boasts a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Northbridge, offering a complete solution. We are capable of printing smaller projects such as business cards right through to high volume maps and brochures, visitor planners and destination guides. Constantly investing in the latest equipment, the best quality paper and inks as well as offering innovative solutions to tricky print projects, the Vanguard team works hard to produce the highest quality results every time, on time.

Simply visit the following link and let us know what you are after, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

We have committed our time and energy into developing our own online ordering portal. Our online services include CRM integration, quick editable templates and online warehousing. Our online system was built in house by our programming team and we have a customer service team available to make changes and adapt your online portal to suit your needs. Above all, our online systems are built to be helpful and facilitate transparent communication.

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