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Even in today’s digital world, print remains a crucial media channel to build trust in your brand and connect with new and existing audiences. Our friendly and proficient distribution team is here to help make that happen. We champion tactility within brands by making the physical management of your print easy and ensuring it is delivered into the hands of your audience.

WhatWe Do

At Vanguard Distribution, our specialist team are experts in developing the most effective and cost-efficient distribution strategies for our clients — from personalised mail and unaddressed mail through Australia Post, to targeted tourism outlet drops and street distribution.

We own unique distribution channels — including 250 brochure display outlets and shopping centre, café, and waiting room touchpoints across Perth metropolitan — that allow us to help you unleash the full value of your print products and spread your message far and wide.

A 3PL, warehousing and pick-and-pack powerhouse, Vanguard Distribution reduces handling costs by offering personalised account management and extensive web-based and physical warehousing facilities. Think of us as an extension of your business — a satellite warehouse offering simple, transparent handling of all things print.


Reduce clutter and regain control through our satellite warehousing system’s physical and virtual capabilities.


Our online system is built for you, offering easy management including approval functions and a suite of reporting tools.


Let our people challenge your distribution strategy and offer solutions that drive efficiencies.


Our expert team navigate Australia Post requirements to deliver the most strategic and cost-effective mailing solutions every time.


•  Tourism
•  Large Corporates
•  Franchises
•  Events/ Promotions
•  Marketing Agencies
•  Retail & Hospitality
•  Online Businesses
•  Real Estate

We Distribute

We are optimally equipped to find a solution for any distribution challenge — be it local, national or international.

Our real strength lies in our ability to manage hyper-local marketing campaigns to consumers and tourists and regional business to business.

Ensuring your marketing assets reach the hands and meet the eyes of your desired audience is crucial to their success. Tap into our channels. Speak to our distribution team to devise the most strategic distribution plan for your business.

Brochure Displays

We own and stock over 250 brochure display racks in the Perth metropolitan area from Yanchep to Mandurah, strategically located at key tourist attractions, accommodation sites, vehicle rental centres and retail outlets.

Cafés and Waiting Rooms

We distribute publications on a monthly and quarterly cycle to targeted retail and social spaces, including cafés, hairdressers, and medical centres.

Shopping Centre Displays

We own a network of brochure displays available across WA supermarkets and shopping centres.

Casual Leasing

We can help deliver promotional displays at shopping centres, farmers markets and shows.


Our tourism online warehouse offers the most comprehensive range of tourism guides, brochure and destination planners available across the state.

Letterboxes & Residential Homes

As an Australia Post mail agent, we know all the intricacies of how prepare and deliver mail to Australia Post. We can also help prepare your campaign and connect you with the right distribution provider.

AccessTourism Brochures

Together, Vanguard Print and Vanguard Distribution help connect hundreds of tourism service providers with valuable printed tourism assets such as destination magazines, brochures, maps and guides, free of charge.

With over 1,000 registered users, Vanguard Distribution is the leading resource for tourism service providers, including visitor centres, travel agents and accommodation providers, seeking to enhance their visitors’ experiences with printed tourism tools.

Our suite of assets is available print-to-order through our expansive digital warehouse.

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Brochure Displays

Leaders in brochure distribution and display across Western Australia, Vanguard Media Group offer comprehensive brochure services covering everything from planning, design, printing, and distribution through unique and widespread channels.

Vanguard Distribution own and stock over 250 brochure display racks in the Perth metropolitan area from Yanchep to Mandurah, strategically located at key tourist attractions, accommodation sites, vehicle rental centres and retail outlets.

Our racks deliver minimal waste and are highly effective. We record all movements and can tailor locations to suit your offering and target audience.

Street Distribution

Ensure your publications reach targeted audiences far and wide by tapping into our powerful distribution network across Perth metropolitan. With approximately 1,500 consumer touchpoints across cafés, waiting rooms, hair salons, hotels and more, Vanguard Distribution is well-connected and optimally positioned to offer strategic street distribution for your brand.


    250,000 Fringe World catalogues were heavily distributed across 7434 locations throughout Perth social spaces and waiting rooms including cafes, hairdressers, beauty salons, medical centres, shopping centres, childcare centres, tourist brochure racks, CBD office towers and through public transport outlets — reaching thousands of potential festival-goers and becoming an iconic and sought-after asset during Perth’s festive season.


Vanguard Distribution is your virtual warehouse provider, pick-and-pack and 3PL powerhouse.

We reduce handling costs by offering personalised account management and extensive warehousing facilities, managed through easy-to-use web-based systems that allow you to manage your goods transparently across geographically disperse teams.

We offer an online system that allows users to manage their warehouse and customer delivery requirements without having to invest in storage space, warehouse technology or employing specialised labour.

Our approach is to engage with our customers to understand their individual needs. Our team of distribution and programming specialists then design and implement a customised solution. Our aim is to deliver an easy-to-use, transparent, cost effective and reliable warehousing solution that can be managed and tracked remotely.


    Our team at Vanguard Distribution are responsible for warehousing and preparing clean up kits for volunteers including bags, gloves, sharps container and arranging transportation to local and regional locations in Western Australia. Vanguard Distribution manage between 30-40 SKU’s for multiple divisions and personnel. All transactions require online management approval and are recorded to allow detailed reporting by division.

    Learn more About Adopt-a-Spot | Keep Australia Beautiful WA (

Unaddressed Mail

Our expert team at Vanguard Distribution have the tools and know-how to offer the most efficient and effective residential, unaddressed mailing services with a strategic focus on reaching your target audience. We’ll take all the hassle and headache out of getting your print products and marketing assets where they need to go by managing your mailing strategy and selecting the ideal distributor with the most reach for your needs.

Successful real estate agents maintain a consistent brand and conversation with their local market. Print helps embed a "realness" in brand marketing. Agent marketing ensures agents remain top of mind when sellers are looking to list. Property marketing not only raises the attention of newly listed properties but encourages householders to "dream" about owning a new home.

Navigating the various providers of unaddressed mail can be difficult and time consuming. Various distributors exist, however no one distributor offers equal price and service. Pricing, suburb coverage, distribution windows and reporting mechanisms are all decision points that require management. Our team successfully budget annual print campaigns to include storage, and deliveries to various distributors for single agents or offices, executing monthly campaigns to target suburbs or singular streets for free appraisals.

Australia Post Fulfillment

Personalised mail continues to remain one of the most trusted and effective communication channels across all age groups however the services offered by Australia Post are often misunderstood. Our team help you navigate and explain the various distribution options available through Australia Post to ensure you take full advantage of discounts available.


    Kings Tours are a Western Australian based tour company that offer holidays locally and internationally. When first introduced, Kings Tours were managing their mail processes in house, including printing labels and placing on envelopes, inserting and lodging at Australia Post. Our team was able to identify mail categories within Australia Post that offset the costs of outsourcing mail fulfilment to us, and resulted in an overall saving for Kings Tours.

Studies show* that 95 per cent of addressed mail is opened, of which 54 per cent is read thoroughly and stored for later reference, 10 per cent scanned and stored for later reference and 20 per cent is read thoroughly before being recycled.

*Reference: Bastion Latitude


It will depend on your order type and the department you are after. The easiest way is to connect with us here or speak with your Vanguard representative who can help assist you in placing your order with us.

What is Offset? Offset printing is generally used for larger printing projects due to the set up costs involved. It works by transferring full colour (CMYK), Special Colours (PMS) and/or varnish inks from a plate to a rubber sheet, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or other surface.

On the other hand, you have digital printing. This method is great for most people who are looking for small quantities of printed material, or products where variable data; such as numbering, barcodes or addresses are needed. Digital printing uses a different method from offset, where the ink or toner is applied directly to the paper and does not use a printing plate or rubber sheet.

As a general rule, larger quantities are more suited to offset print and smaller quantities are suited to digital on demand print, however your Vanguard representative will help you determine if Offset or Digital on demand is best for your project.

Visit our friendly guide here to ensure your artwork is press ready! If you are unsure at any point our team is here to help ensure you get the best outcome possible for you or your client.

Print is our heritage. For nearly 50 years, Vanguard has been meticulously curating print and servicing its clients with care to become the print provider of choice in Western Australia. Today, Vanguard boasts a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Northbridge, offering a complete solution. We are capable of printing smaller projects such as business cards right through to high volume maps and brochures, visitor planners and destination guides. Constantly investing in the latest equipment, the best quality paper and inks as well as offering innovative solutions to tricky print projects, the Vanguard team works hard to produce the highest quality results every time, on time.

Simply visit the following link and let us know what you are after, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

We have committed our time and energy into developing our own online ordering portal. Our online services include CRM integration, quick editable templates and online warehousing. Our online system was built in house by our programming team and we have a customer service team available to make changes and adapt your online portal to suit your needs. Above all, our online systems are built to be helpful and facilitate transparent communication.

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